Scammonden Dam

Scammonden Dam

This is a great simple walk for all weathers. It’s a nice starter walk for the kids and you don’t really need a packed lunch. The views are super and takes in natural and man-made beauty. The path is well maintained and well drained. Name of walk: Scammonden Dam Location: Huddersfield Car park real post

Weather Conditions

Hot/cold weather In the UK, we will never get bored with the weather, it is always changing. In The Lakes for example you can have four seasons in one day. If you have the correct clothing, you can walk in all weathers although consideration is always required especially where snow, ice, fog or floods are

Types of Walk

The ultimate walk is to conquer a mountain in my opinion, and sometimes; several in one day. It is however not where you would start your walking adventures. Like anything; start small and build up. The walks that I would recommend undertaking as a family fall into several categories. Almost every walk that I recommend

Digley Reservoir 

It’s important to start small for both adults and children when venturing out on a walk. Once the kids are happy enough to walk around the park with you, play football or chase/tag for half an hour to an hour it is time to have a go at a walk. Some 4 and most 5/6